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Would you like happiness, health and wealth? If so what you are looking for is meaningful success. Create this meaningful success in your career, business and life with the 5 States of Success. This application will explain the 5 States of Success and give you a personal report about how that state can be mastered in your life, career or business. You will then get a list of actions about how to create that state to achieve meaningful success. You can even sync these actions to your calendar as reminders.

The 5 States of Success is a book by Brendan Foley. He has worked with 1000s of people and 100s of companies across all sectors to help to create meaningful success. Through working with highly successful business professionals across the globe he has identified the '5 States of Success', insight, connection, certainty, vitality and spirit. When these states are entered into they produce; clarity, empathy, conviction, action and purpose, which are the essential ingredients of meaningful success. He has found that most successful people and businesses demonstrate these traits.

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Development time: 1 month
Participated (persons): 2
Technologies used: UI, objective-C coding, video player, Graphic Design
Used software: Xcode 3-4, JetBrains AppCode, Adobe PhotoShop