About the customer

OneTap a mobile service designed to help people living in San Francisco, take advantage of a taxi just by one click of a button! One of the main advantages of this service is its simplicity and convenience! Now, call a taxi, order a pizza, call a doctor and more can be only one click. You do not have anything to report to the dispatcher. Your signal is sent to the system of information processing, the server will determine your location and transmit these coordinates directly to the taxi driver, which is located near you! You do not have to search long list of numbers in your taxi operator does not need to vote, standing at the side of the road and catch the spray of passing cars - just press one button and as soon as you use a taxi service or other services! With OneTap Service - Your life will become easier and more comfortable!

Versions of the logo


Black and White

On a thematic picture

Additional options for the logo

The elements of corporate identity

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What has been developed:

  • Logo
  • Slogan
  • Color Palette
  • Logo icon for mobile applications
  • Vector illustration

Information about the project

Date of completion of the project 3.02.2012
Development time 5 days
Participated (persons): 1
Technologies used Graphic Design
Used software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator